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HO’OPONOPONO- Hawaiian forgives meditation

"When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that

person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel.

Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free." -

Catherine Ponder, One of the World’s Leading Prosperity Writers, Author,

Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.

Ho’oponopono means to “make right” and is the Hawaiian word for


Ho'oponopono restores your light or energy body and your e-motion,

or energy in motion.

Through your light body you are connected with all of life. Through

your e-motion you are always affecting everyone around you by your

thoughts, words, feelings and actions.

The full moon is a wonderful and blessed time to perform Ho’oponopono

as the natural electro-magnetic forces of the waning moon act

to assist you in the process of letting go.

Why Ho’oponopono Works!

Through performing the Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation you

will be loving and accepting the shadow, lost parts of your self, and

powerfully activating the Law of Grace to operate fully in your life.

Through the power of Grace you can know the blessing of absolute

and unconditional self love and acceptance.

In truth when you love yourself completely you love everything and

everyone through all dimensions of time and space.

This simple act of transmutation, bringing your darkness into the light,

provides wonderful nourishment and frees your soul.

Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation empowers you to shine with

brilliance and renewed Self love and respect.

Ho'oponopono in essence means to make things right with your ancestors, or to make right with the people with whom you are connected, and have relationships with.And, most especially re-connects, deepens and heals your relationship with yourself.

Your self trust will rise exponentially as you perform a regular practice

letting go of any grievances against others or self blame!

In the Eastern cultures there is a tradition of honoring your ancestors.

Being aligned with and cleansing ancestral relations is considered

absolutely essential for harmonic prosperity at all levels.

Without reverence and gratitude for one’s ancestors, prosperous circumstances will always be severely limited.

In Japan, China, and the Hawaiian tradition it’s important to cleanse

any past problems you may have had in relationships, especially with

one’s relatives.

There may also be family patterns you do not want to continue.

Generational themes are often passed along through the family lineage,

like depression, poverty consciousness, addiction, or other unfortunate

character traits.

Ho'oponopono allows you to cleanse your ancestral lineage.

This cleansing and healing of relationships within your family lineage

brings you the highest and greatest good fortune!

Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation

All you need to perform Ho’oponopono is a white candle and a genuine

desire to be free of any past hurts, or any uncomfortable feelings

between yourself and another.

You are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Calm your mind and sit quietly. Allow yourself to be quietly present

with your Self. Within you is a sacred inner space where the creative

spark of life dwells and animates your being. This is your own personal

pilot light that you can turn to as needed for guidance. Now is

the time to go within your sacred inner space and be still.

Light your white candle and focus on the flame. The candle’s light is a

reflection of the Divine spark of light within you.

Ho’oponopono Practice

Here's a simplified version of the modernized Ho’oponopono ceremony

for healing yourself of any past hurts or uncomfortable feelings

between yourself and others.

Remember that what you see in another is a reflection, something

within you, so all healing is self-healing. And, all forgiveness is self


The Course in Miracles says, “What you perceive in another you are

strengthening in yourself.” So looking for the good in others strengthens

your own goodness.

No one else has to do this meditation for you to experience the desired


Do Ho’oponopono with every person in your life with whom you feel


You may repeat the Ho'oponopono Meditation as needed to cleanse

all negative emotional blockages within yourself and between yourself

and others (people, organizations, places, or situations).

Your Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation can also be with an aspect

of yourself that you are wanting to heal, i.e. jealousy, poverty

consciousness, fear to stand up for yourself and express your truth).

Set Your Intention

Step 1 - See the person (organization, place, situation, or an aspect

of yourself) with whom you feel discomfort within a healing circle of


Step 2 - See yourself within this same healing circle of light.

Step 3 - See a beautiful golden cord of light above your head connecting

you with your greater self, or guardian angel.

Step 4 - See a golden cord above the other person's head to their

greater self, or guardian angel.

Step 5 - Then see a golden cord of light between your greater self

and the other person's greater self.

Step 6 - Now see a golden cord of light from your heart to the other

person's heart. Feel the free flow of love moving through the golden

cord of light connecting you with the other person.

You’ve created a protective energy grid of light to ground the healing

energy of Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation and amplify its effect.

Your guardian angels stand as witnesses to your sincere intention to

release the past and will over light the process for the highest good of


Activate Ho’oponopono

Now activate Ho’oponopono with your intention to heal any split or

feeling of separation between you and another.

First by saying with genuine feeling, "I apologize or I’m sorry ," and then, "Please forgive me."

You say this to focus your awareness on the thought/feeling that has

gotten into your body mind system, like a virus, and is disrupting your

peace of mind and heart based love energies.

You don’t need to know why or understand why you feel the way you


By saying "I’ sorry," you are asking for forgiveness inside yourself

in order to release and let go of the feeling of discomfort inside of


Forgiveness does not mean you are condoning anyone’s behavior.

Forgiveness simply means you no longer wish to suffer from a past


End by saying, "I love you," followed by, "Thank you."

Continue repeating, "I love you," and, "Thank you," for as long as

needed until you feel completely free.

You may return to perform Ho’oponopono again if needed until you

feel complete resolution at the core of your being.

Remember to breathe deeply and exhale as you let go of any toxic

emotions and stagnant chi.

The sound of the words, "I love you," acts to transmute the vibration

of chi from stuck to flowing.

“I love you,” reconnects you to your wholeness (Holi-ness).

Since the ‘Zero Point’ field or Akasha is absolute pure love, and has

‘zero’ limits, when you express genuine feeling of love you automatically

begin to resonate and harmonize with a state of ever flowing


Conclude your Ho’oponopono meditation with, "Thank you," to express

your gratitude that harmony has been restored.

After completing the Ho’oponopono Forgivenss Meditation you may

feel inspired to take some action. If so listen to your wise heart and

take action immediately!

End your Ho’oponono Forgiveness Meditation by looking into the

flame of your white candle and saying aloud:

Oh Divine Mother, Divine Father,

Archangels and angels, my guides, ancestors,

Teachers and Friends,

All those who love me hear me now.

I come before you with my heart open,

In humble gratitude for my soul’s journey.

I acknowledge my unfolding,

And nourish the flames of my heart, mind, and soul

With the beauty I create in the world.

Bless my footsteps as I walk upon my path,

So that I may always remember the road that leads

To the truth of the flame within me.

And so it is.

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